Chardin was a master of colour, using this ability to produce extraordinarily accurate depictions of everyday objects within his series of still life artworks. There were then many scenes of domestic life through a number of charming portraits. He left behind a sizeable oeuvre, even though he would only produce around four paintings a year. His decision to endlessly amend his compositions slowed him down considerably, but also ensured an incredible level of quality in his work. For this reason, his paintings have become very popular as print reproductions. Despite the relatively traditional nature of his artistic style, there are still many who appreciate the beauty of his still life work, including his more famous contributions such as The Ray.

It is worth choosing a good quality print in order to get the most faithful reproductions of his original piece. Some of the retailers out there do not offer particularly good quality prints of his work, and so it is worth shopping around between different online stores, as well as picking the particular artwork from their selection based on their own versions. Indeed, colour balances can vary from one seller to the next. Chardin's paintings were relatively simple in terms of complexity of objects, meaning that you do not have to get huge versions, but the bigger they are then the more you will be able to appreciate the individual brushstrokes as used by the artist. Much will depend on the amount of space that you have available in your home for it to hang.

There is a wealth of options available to you around customising your print, including the key choice of whether to frame it or not. This will be partly a financial decision, but also you will need to consider how best to protect your final product. A frame will look more professional and stylish upon your wall, as well as helping to keep the artwork cleaner and undamaged. These will extend the size of the painting, though, as well as incur increased shipping costs due to the extra weight. It would not be wise to order anything framed from overseas, for that reason, but most major nations have plenty of domestic providers to choose from. Alternatively, you might opt to get it framed locally, or even do so yourself which would be a little more cost effective. There are also small cards which can be placed between print and frame which allow the artwork to better breathe, and this again can be worth the extra investment.

The photo realistic reproduction of objects within his still life artworks capture the eye when you visit the Chardin room in the Louvre. For many, that maybe the point at which they discover this artist for the very first time. Perhaps the 18th century is lesser known than some other periods in French art, but the quality found there is no less impressive than what you might find elsewhere. Some consider the Rococo movement to be old-fashioned and overly elaborate but there still continues to be a significant number who appreciate its technical and stylistic qualities, and Chardin himself has often been described as an artist's artist. There continues to be an interest in him from academics who use his technical qualities to teach young students about how to produce perfect depictions of still life items.

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